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More Private!

Why advertise your paternity test to everyone in the checkout lane of your neighborhood store?

The Beta Paternity test is 100% private! Other people will never see a PATERNITY TEST BOX in your shopping cart, on your kitchen table, or in your trash. With Beta Paternity there’s nothing to hide. You only need a few basic household items to collect your DNA sample and send it to our laboratory. You can start right now! After our lab receives your samples, your test results are sent to your private email address to ensure the most discrete testing experience possible.

Beta Paternity Protects Your Privacy!

More Affordable!

Why buy a $30 paternity test kit in the store - that only contains a few cotton swabs and envelopes - and then pay an additional $129 for lab fees?

With Beta Paternity, you save $30 by using your own swabs (Q-Tips®) to collect your DNA samples and your own envelopes to send your sample to our laboratory. Simply print off the order form and mail. See how easy it is!

With Beta Paternity, our total price for a paternity test is only $99, and that includes everything! You don’t pay the retailer’s mark-up; you save money by using a few common household items that cost pennies. In addition, our superior service and accuracy has made us the leading seller of paternity tests in America, so we can afford to operate at a lower profit than providers of in-store kits.

Beta Paternity Saves You Money!

More Convenient!

Why drive around town looking for a paternity test that may be sold out or not offered at your local store?

Most stores may either: 1) not carry paternity kits or 2) be sold out them. Calling and driving around costs you TIME and MONEY when you could already be reading your test results from Beta Paternity.

It’s simple. Just gather a few common household items, swab the alleged father and child’s cheeks, print out our testing form, send the swabs to our lab and read your emailed test results in 2 days (or 1 day for an additional $89). No need to drive to a store when you can do everything from the comfort and privacy of your home.

Beta Paternity Saves You Time!

Paternity Test Order Form DIY Paternity DNA Collection Home Paternity Testing
Collect Your DNA Samples at Home Send Samples to Our Laboratory Results Emailed in 2 Days

Quick Comparison   

Beta Test

Store Test

DNA Collection Kit Included   

$30 Kit Fee*

Discrete, Everything Done   
from Home   

Store Pick-Up

Total DNA Testing Price   


$129 or more

Results in 2 Days   

1 Day Express Results Fee   



*CAUTION: Store DNA tests are NOT like home pregnancy tests that provide instant results. You must send in your sample and pay an additional fee for your results!


We realized DNA testing was the only way to be sure. Thank you for making this so simple for us and giving us an answer we could trust.

-Pittsburgh, PA

Everyone we spoke to was sensitive, prompt, and professional. Thank you for making a difficult situation easer to handle.

-Atlanta, GA

Now, I can allow myself to be a happy father without any doubts!

-Tucson, AZ

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