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The Beta Self-Collection™ Kit

To make DNA paternity testing affordable, accessible, and convenient for our patients, we provide the Beta Self-Collection™ Kit to our clients. This kit contains all the supplies you need to collect your own DNA samples for a paternity test. All you need to do is to follow the instructions included in the kit, and send the samples back to us using the free postage-paid envelope provided.

Our Self-Collection™ Kit uses special buccal swabs made of Dacron®, a polyester that is especially suitable for collecting cheek cells for DNA testing. It may look and feel like cotton swabs, but this special material provides a consistent surface that ensures your DNA samples will be extracted efficiently from the swabs.

Like most of our paternity clients, you might be anxious to get your paternity test done as soon as possible. Order your Beta Self-Collection Kit™ now—we will send you a kit within 24 hours of receiving your order. Call 1-800-798-3810 for a free consultation or use our online order form. You are guaranteed to receive the highest quality home paternity test in the industry.

Read more about using the Beta Self-Collection Kit™. If you would rather get started today and not wait for a kit to be shipped to your home, you have the option of making your own paternity DNA collection kit.


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