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$79 Paternity Tests?

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$79 Paternity Tests?

During your search for information about paternity testing, you may have found some online companies advertising paternity testing for as low as $79. We urge you to exercise caution when considering such companies. Keep in mind that paternity testing consists of complex procedures and analyses that can only be done by highly trained and qualified individuals.

A wrong DNA test result can cost you much more than $79. To help you make a well-informed choice about your paternity test, we have put together some facts to look out for when considering paternity testing companies that offer $79 tests. We have placed these “watch-outs” side by side with the benefits you will receive by choosing Beta Paternity.


Some $79 Companies
Beta Paternity Laboratory
Encourage motherless testing to lower the testing costs while potentially sacrificing quality. These companies often charge additional fees if the mother is tested. Encourages testing of mother, as recommended by AABB for better testing and results. We test the mother at no additional cost to you.
Offer a $79 service with many disclaimers about sample integrity and mutation, which eventually result in delayed testing and additional fees. These companies offer no guarantees that motherless tests will produce conclusive results. Provides comprehensive testing with additional markers and extended analysis as necessary, in both motherless cases and cases with mutations, without any additional fees.
Do not test cases with exclusion results twice, as recommended by AABB to ensure correct results. $79 is not enough to cover testing twice. Other companies may repeat only part of the process, which is ineffective at ruling out errors that can result in exclusion. Performs all DNA tests twice from beginning to end by two independent teams, a step above the AABB recommendation. While helping ensure 100% accurate results, this practice also eliminates the lag time that results from waiting for an exclusion before repeating the test.
Offer DNA testing experience to untrained college students – do you want to trust your DNA test to students? Has professionals with over 150 years of combined experience to perform the test and correctly interpret the results.
May be start-up companies that do not have sufficient expertise in DNA testing technology and are trying to attract customers through the $79 offering. Is highly experienced. We have performed DNA testing for thousands of cases since 1996, and our laboratory directors are leaders in the industry.
Claim to offer “legal” paperwork, but their sample collection procedures may not allow their test results to stand up in courts. We recommend complete chain of custody for legally admissible test results. If you order an in home paternity test and later find the need for legal test results, Beta offers a $100 discount off DNA testing performed by DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC), the world’s leading DNA testing laboratory.
Have fake addresses or use a mail forwarding company’s address (such as a UPS store) to make you think that they are in the United States, when testing is actually performed in Canada. Has its own laboratory facility in the 16-acre DNA Technology Park (Ohio).
Cannot afford adequate staff, making it difficult to get somebody on the phone when you call. Has an accessible client service team that is committed to providing top service even after the test results are sent.

Trust only Beta with your home paternity test. Order a DNA test kit online or call us at 1-800-798-3810.


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